United States Department of Labor YouthBuild Grant 
Bibb County School District - SOAR Academy; United States Department of Labor YouthBuild Grant

$2.6-Million Dollar Grant Award

  • Support the development, management, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the YouthBuild Grant Program;  Measure grant-performance indicators, identify opportunities for improvement, facilitate project planning and implementation, and the monitoring of grant deadlines per the United States Department of Labor grant requirements.

  • Provide job placement, case management, and student support services for the YouthBuild programs to support the measurable performance outcomes for all grant programs. 

United States Department of Education -  Georgia Department of Education 21st Century Community Learning Centers
Bibb County School District, Before and After School Program, 21st Century Community Learning Centers

$10-Million Dollar Grant Award

  • Evaluated 21st CCLC grants for 10 Elementary Schools and 1 Middle School

  • Collected, analyzed, and synthesized formative and summative data (quantitative and qualitative – demographic, achievement, perception, process, and outcome data) to promote effective  decision-making for program improvement over the period of the 21 st CCLC grant cycle​

  • Collaborated with district and school-level personnel (Before and After Schools, Office of Special Programs, Principals, Site Managers, and Program Staff, and Stakeholders) to ensure ongoing planning, implementation, and evaluation of the grant’s project design, SMART goals/objectives, program processes and outcomes, and student achievement results

  • Published and disseminated required GaDOE reports (formative, summative, and summer evaluations annually)to meet the district and  state requirements for the 21 st CCLC grant


Governor's Office of Student Achievement - Program Implementation Consultant 
Bibb County School District, Westside High School, Governor’s Office of Student Achievement Innovation Fund Grant 

$1.4-Million-Grant Award

  • Facilitated student leadership support sessions for gifted and talented students to foster college and career readiness, scholarship development, college selection, and preparation on normed-referenced tests (ACT/SAT).

  • Provided mentoring and affective educational training to student cohorts of underrepresented students to identify and support social and emotional challenges.

  • Facilitated the completion of national scholarship applications, college and university admission materials, testing registrations, transcript audits, and goal setting for post-secondary success.​

  • Provided simulation training to student cohorts in preparation of scholarship interviews and the effective demonstration and articulation of their gifted traits, attitudes, and behaviors.

  • Supported independent studies and problem-based learning curricula to foster autonomous, self-directed learning and problem-solving.

School Improvement Grant (SIG); SIG Sustainability Grant (U.S. DOE/ GaDOE SIG) School Improvement Consultant 
Bibb County School District - Westside High School, School Improvement Grant

$5.1-Million Dollar SIG Grant Award; $1.4-Million Dollar SIG Sustainability Grant Award 

  • Provided leadership support and training to the school-level data team in order to support data-based decision making, progress towards graduation goals, and standards-based classroom instruction

  • Facilitated professional learning and school improvement actions for professional learning community implementation, instructional coaching and monitoring, data analysis for targeted interventions, and instructional leadership coaching for building-level leaders. 

  • Assisted in providing and supervising auxiliary services, including pupil attendance, FTE, accounting, budget amendments, decision memorandums, school improvement plans, GaDoe comprehensive-needs assessments, grant writing, SIG close-out procedures, inventory processes, etc.

  • Ensured proper compliance and implementation of the collection and use of school funds, reviews of disbursement packages for proper documentation, purchase orders, quotes, the appropriateness of purchases, and to document all signatures in accordance with local school accounting procedures.

*Please note the projects above are a brief listing of Towering Your Success, LLC's past projects.


Federal and State funding secured and managed 


 Public elementary and secondary schools served 


 Years of collective 

experience in education and grant management