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Towering Your Success, LLC. was founded in 2011, to lead innovation in K-12 education in the United States. Through strategic partnerships with federal and state agencies, local school districts, and non-profit organizations, Towering Your Success, LLC. specializes in providing groundbreaking solutions to America’s most complex K-12 educational challenges. The historic commitment of President Barack Obama’s signature Race to the Top initiative funded the inaugural work Towering Your Success, LLC led alongside local educational agencies. As a for-profit educational consulting firm, Towering Your Success, LLC. is committed to the intricate work of educational reform, innovation, and continuous school improvement to increase student achievement, equity, and social justice in America’s schools and communities.


In 2014, Towering Your Success, LLC. began its school improvement efforts with schools in Central Georgia. In partnership with federal education program departments across the region, Towering Your Success managed and secured federal and state grants to initiate groundbreaking innovation and school improvement reforms to foster educational change. As the premier education consulting firm in Georgia, Towering Your Success, LLC. provides grant writing services for local education agencies and non-profit organizations across the state and the nation.  Towering Your Success possesses extensive experience in developing grant proposals for federal and state agencies, such as federal funding opportunities announcements from the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. At the state level, Towering Your Success has decades of experience in writing grant proposals for and in partnership with state departments of education, Offices of the Governor, Technical College Systems and Workforce Development Agencies, and Institutions of Higher Education. Towering Your Success provides comprehensive grant writing and development services for short-term and long-term projects. Towering Your Success has a proven record of securing grant funding for the past decade, totaling 25-million dollars. 


Towering Your Success also specializes in grants that require research and program evaluation activities to ensure the success of the grant program. Towering Your Success has conducted research and program evaluation activities using qualitative and mixed-methods methodologies, in addition to methods and instruments to inform research questions and proposed outcomes. Towering Your Success also has experience in formative and summative evaluation work to inform practices and outcomes for interventions and education reforms. Towering Your Success is uniquely capable of meeting the research and evaluation needs of local education agencies, schools, and youth-serving non-profit organizations to ensure compliance with federal and state grant requirements.


Towering Your Success possesses extensive experience in school turnaround, continuous school improvement, data analysis for strategic improvement, multi-tiered systems of support (RTI, SEL, and PBIS), and professional learning and coaching for teachers and leaders. Towering Your Success has decades of experience turning around the nation’s lowest-performing schools and overseeing education reforms focused on innovation (including Title I Section 1003 School Improvement grants, Innovation Fund Grants (Race to the Top inspired state initiatives), and education reforms initiated by local educational agencies. Towering Your Success has a proven record of improving schools and increasing student achievement outcomes by double digits in content mastery, academic progress, reading and literacy, and post-secondary readiness. Towering Your Success is headquartered in Macon, Georgia. 

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