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Continuous School Improvement 

As the premier education consulting firm in Georgia, Towering Your Success, LLC provides continuous school improvement services for local education agencies, public and charter schools, and youth-serving non-profit organizations. Towering Your Success possesses extensive experience in turning around identified schools as performing in the bottom 5% of the state, Comprehensive Support, and Improvement, Targeted Support and Improvement, Additional Targeted Support and Improvement, and Promise Schools based on state accountability indices, including former priority and focus schools. Towering Your Success possesses extensive experience in school turnaround, continuous school improvement, data analysis for strategic improvement, multi-tiered systems of support (RTI, SEL, and PBIS), and professional learning and coaching for teachers and leaders. Towering Your Success has decades of experience turning around the nation’s lowest-performing schools and overseeing education reforms focused on innovation (including Title I Section 1003 School Improvement grants, Innovation Fund Grants (Race to the Top inspired state initiatives), and education reforms initiated by local educational agencies. Towering Your Success provides continuous school improvement services for short-term and long-term projects. Towering Your Success has a proven record of improving schools and increasing student achievement outcomes by double digits in content mastery, academic progress, reading and literacy, and post-secondary readiness. 


Towering Your Success specializes in school turnaround, continuous school improvement, and innovation. Towering Your Success has partnered and secured contract opportunities for federal, state, and local school improvement initiatives. Towering Your Success has experience conducting comprehensive needs assessments, continuous improvement plans, district strategic planning, resource allocation for school improvement, and evidence-based interventions for curriculum, assessment, instruction, and turnaround leadership practices for education reform. Towering Your Success is uniquely capable of meeting the needs of local boards of education, school superintendents, district directors, principals, charter school administrators, and non-profit leaders. Please see a general list below or contact our School Turnaround & Continuous Improvement department for more information about our school turnaround, continuous improvement, and innovation services.



  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment

  • Continuous School Improvement Planning

  • District Strategic Planning

  • Transformational Leadership & Coaching

  • Data Analysis for Continuous Improvement

  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports

  • Professional Learning & Teacher Education

  • Curriculum, Assessment, and Instructional Coaching

  • Alternative & Workforce Education 

  • Gifted Education

  • College and Career Readiness

  • Arts Education

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